Virtual Training

Customized high-quality training delivered straight to your desktop.

Elevate BDG is taking training to the next level with live virtual training seminars on our most popular learning topics to help you reach your professional goals from the comfort of your desktop. Designed to simulate the traditional in person instructor-led training experience, live virtual training offers an engaging, affordable and results-oriented solution to your training needs.

Flexible. Affordable. Accessible. 

For all of the challenges that physical, in-person training can pose for both learners and decision-makers alike, Elevate BDG’s live virtual training bridges the gap between home based employees and managers in the field with an affordable and adaptive learning experience delivered straight to your desktop.

Eliminate travel and logistical costs!

The cost of bringing a trainer to you can start adding up when you only have one or two employees in need of taking a seminar. You will save thousands when you pay per employee vs. the traditional flat rate training fee.

Train only those that need training!

No more flying out a trainer or a coach!

Lower cost per employee, per training

Upcoming Compliance Training & Certificate Virtual Courses

Try one of our Virtual Training Snapshot Courses for free.

Complete your training and compliance obligations from your desktop and eliminate travel costs with Elevate BDG's Virtutal Training. Currently, we are offering two of our most popular courses as a "Snapshot Course" so you can get a glimpse of what we have to offer. These 90-minute sessions are eligible for .015 CEU or 1.5 credit hours and will provide you with insights and knowledge that will make it glad you came! The savings will continue even more with $20 off the other courses in the series when you take either (or both) FREE seminars.