Talent Insight Solutions


Elevate Business Development Group reveals the full potential of each of your employees so you can hire smarter, manage better and develop employees that are happy, productive and committed to your business.


With the use of  TTI Success Insights® Behaviors and Motivators assessment technology, Elevate BDG helps you develop effective employees by providing you a 3D view of yourself and identifying your strengths & weaknesses so you can resolve interpersonal differences between team members, build the confidence of your employees, improve business interactions with others and deal with others more effectively.

Some of the TALENT INSIGHT SOLUTIONS we offer are:

There are thousands of people that qualify for the job, but you can only choose one... Don't waste your time on a bad hire! Finding the right employee requires more than just knowing their skills & talents, but a thorough understanding of what motivates them to succeed and their personality style. Elevate BDG's Hiring Solutions helps you look beyond the stack of resumes and find the perfect fit for your company!

Select the best leader to get the job done! Designed for managers, supervisors & team leaders, Elevate BDG’s Leadership Solutions provide you with valuable insight into your employee’s leadership capabilities and provides you with the tools you need to become a stronger leader and build a more productive & efficient team.

Effective teamwork is the foundation of success. Managers who employ team building techniques to motivate their employees, boost both productivity and the overall workforce happiness. Elevate BDG's Team Building Solutions gives you a deeper look into each member of your team to create a cohesive, productive & motivated culture.

Get the most out of your employees! Elevate BDG's Talent Management Solutions use assessment technology to effectively "map" an individual based on their behavioral profile to give you a better understanding of employees that have suddenly become apathetic and withdrawn and teach you to re-engage them based on their unique motivators.

Promotions are always a welcomed change for your employees but any change takes adjusting. Make the transition as smooth as possible for the employee who is about to climb the corporate ladder from staff to supervisor to ensure that your team embraces the change seamlessly.

Elevate BDG's Talent Insight Solutions will help you to understand your employees better than they understand themselves.

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