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Customized Sales Solutions

Using our proven three-step process, Elevate BDG will work directly with you to determine the best Sales Solutions for your business.


Your employees will be guided through a series of questions online and work with a Solutions Specalist so your company can recognize & understand your most important resource within your company - YOUR PEOPLE.


At Elevate BDG we stray away from a one-size-fits-all training process and develop a customized strategy that aligns to the vision + mission of your company. Choose from any of our 150+ topics to develop a program unique to your business needs.


Fulfill all your learning needs in just a few minutes a day with customized eLearning courses that will encourage a pattern of continual learning and immediate behavior change throughout your organization. These 10 minute and under lessons are not only fun & informative, but also hold your employees attention better so the information is retained.

Unlimited access. Take your courses at your time and pace.

Access your courses anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone

Videos, quizzes and interactive content designed for a proven learning experience

Some of the SALES SKILLS SOLUTIONS we offer are:

Want to dive deeper into a subject?

Customize your training by adding any of these breakout sessions to your seminar.

To make a sale, you need leads. This program covers the various ways to build lists, and generate and quantify your own quality leads. It’s not enough to compile names – you need to know the interest level of each to properly capitalize on it. Unqualified leads are wasted leads.

You have them interested, you’ve promoted the product or service, but now you have to close. This program focuses on getting the commitment and getting the money. Interest isn’t enough if you never sign a contract. Participants will learn the subtle and overt skills to closing a sale on the spot, while interest is high.

Everyone has a dream. But what are the chances of that dream becoming reality? Often, it isn’t enough to have dreams. You need to turn them into real, tangible goals. We teach you how to set those goals in a system supporting your ultimate, long-term goals, how to set and actionable steps to help you reach each one.

Selling, perhaps the toughest skill to master, is also the foundation on which every business is based. Our revolutionary sales training will ensure that you have all the knowledge necessary to separate you from the pack and secure your place among top salespeople. Learn how to establish value, answer objections and ask for the sale 6-8 times while still maintaining a great rapport with your buyer.

You are only 7 phone calls from knowing anyone in the world. This popular training program is ideal for company rainmakers and sales people. Training covers how to build and use your network. The session ends with a demonstration of how networking practically works. Do you want to be in touch with Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Donald Trump? We demonstrate how networking can work to connect you with anyone in the world you would like to meet.

If your business is stagnating, you need a reset. This program will bring in an Elevate BDG's consulting team that will analyze your business, identify areas for improvement, and shake up the thinking of executives and management staff to boost growth and expand in different directions.

You are only seven phone calls from contacting anyone. This program teaches participants how to find and build channels of communication through their existing network to reach influencers and decision makers with just seven phone calls.

We teach you how to capitalize on any situation. If you walk into a room full of strangers, we guarantee that you'll have the skills to come out having met everyone and with some good business contacts. With the skills learned at this seminar, every awkward engagement will turn into a fruitful business opportunity.

Who knows about you? That’s an important question... because if nobody knows you, all of your talent, ambitions, and accomplishments mean nothing. You need to get your name out there. Elevate BDG’s The Art of Self Promotion is teaches participants how to tout their abilities and accomplishments without bragging. If you need to be better known, or if you manage a team or group of employees that would benefit from a more visible profile, this information is essential. Learn how to promote yourself, and then pass that information to your team. Effective self promotion can lead to higher visibility for you and your team, higher wages for yourself, an expanded book of important contacts, and more opportunities for everyone.

Bring this training to your organization.

Try private, onsite team training. Bring this topic, or any of our 200+ topics, to your location with customized training. Our programs are tailored to your organization’s specifications and needs. Let us determine the best course of action to enhance your workforce at all levels. Elevate BDG also provides a host of coaching, mentoring, data analysis, and consulting options.

"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."

-Zig Ziglar