Remote Training Solutions

Customized high-quality training delivered straight to your desktop.

As social distancing becomes the norm, Elevate BDG promises to continue to support your workforce development plans without delay. You can customize any of our 200+ seminar topics to your business needs with live instructor-led remote video training. Designed to simulate the traditional in-person instructor-led training experience, our virtual classroom offers an engaging, affordable and results-oriented solution to your training needs.

Flexible. Affordable. Accessible. 

For all of the challenges that physical, in-person training can pose for both learners and decision-makers alike, Elevate BDG’s live virtual classroom bridges the gap between a remote workforce with an affordable and adaptive learning experience delivered straight to your desktop.

Eliminate travel and logistical costs!

Our live remote training is different than on-line training webinars in that it is real time with a real trainer who will lead and engage the participants throughout the event in a virtual classroom. A private instructor-led virtual training session gives participants the opportunity to engage with the instructor using audio, video, chat, and instant polling functions. We also provide the opportunity for break out rooms for group activities and a virtual whiteboard to gather information from small groups to share with the entire group.

We have been successfully delivering live instructor-led remote training programs since 2018, and we can do the same for you! We look forward to serving your training needs - virtually! 

Train only those that need training!

Gain an understanding of the core values and beliefs of each of the members on your team and set them up for success!

No more flying out a trainer or a coach!

Set your team up for success in the remote workplace!

Tele-Working with Results

A 4-Part Live Remote Training Series to help you adjust to working from home without losing productivity!

With this sudden and drastic change in the way we are getting our jobs done, businesses are quickly discovering that not all of their employees are cut out for this work-from-home business. Now is the time to take a closer look at the working styles and personalities  of your team members to ensure that you have them in the best role while working remote. Employees that thrived in the office, may not be suited for the same role remotely. A thorough look into why an individual behaves in a certain manner and what motivates them helps to create a  self-awareness within themselves and provides you with the tools you need to create a more cohesive remote working experience for everyone!

You can pair any of these courses with a complete core value & needs assessment for each of your employees to discover what makes your employees tick so you can set them up for success in the remote workplace. The complete Tele-Working With Results Live Remote Training Series has a course for all the members of your organization, with courses that will help all levels on learning to balance your life and time management while working from home, to courses designed specifically for the managers & leaders within your organization or the social butterflies that left their creative spark at the office.

The Elevate difference. 

The Tele-Working with Results Live Remote Series is designed to help you actually understand the unique working styles and personalities of your team members to ensure their productivity while working remote! Each course includes a complete core value & needs assessment for each of your employees so you will discover what makes your them tick! You will leave this training with the tools you need to create a more cohesive remote working experience for everyone. With well over a decade as a "remote workforce", Elevate has plenty of experience, knowledge, and know-how to share on the subject that will set your entire team up for success!