Workplace Civility


Workplace Civility

Wednesday, March 11 | 11 AM EST

This virtual training is an interactive and engaging LIVE seminar led by Dr. Anglea Massey, one of the industry’s top business development training professionals and is designed for employees to increase their understanding of how to create and maintain respect in their work environment. Participants will learn how to recognize what may appear as harmless behavior for what it is—disrespectful behavior in themselves as well as others. They will learn how to value differences and become more accepting of others. Additionally, participants will practice effective communication skills to deliver and receive feedback respectfully.

In this FREE 60-min live virtual training seminar, you will:

  • Learn to better manage work relationships
  • Cultivate respectful interactions among employees, customers, and leaders
  • Increase self-awareness and learn to take responsibility for one’s conduct
  • Create and sustain a comfortable and professional workplace
  • Define disrespectful behavior and understand its causes
  • Determine the rewards of respect
  • Identify practical ways of practicing workplace respect
  • Understand the nature of conflict
  • Incorporate effective communication skills into everyday conversations
  • Establish effective work etiquette expectations to boost teamwork, improve organizational performance and strengthen employee morale/engagement
  • Learn how to give feedback respectfully
  • Learn how to receive feedback appropriately