Time Management When Working Remote


Time Management When Working Remote

It is rare that you ever have just one project to work on when you are at the office, and with the likelihood of increasing of you having to share your workspace with your entire family, you will need to juggle multiple responsibilities and tasks. At times it can get a bit overwhelming, but this is an essential skill to survive. This seminar will show you how to cope with several demanding priorities at a time while giving them all the attention and care they deserve.

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Surviving Working from Home with COVID-19 (Corna-virus)


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Bring the complete Tele-Working with Results series to your organization with courses customized to your unique needs!

4 Live Remote Training Courses for every member of your remote workforce!

Balancing Life When Working From Home

Managing Virtual & Remote Teams

Time Management When Working Remote

Social Distancing for the Social Butterfly

Paired with an assessment so advanced we will be able to reveal your employees’ ability to work remote!

A thorough look into why an individual behaves in a certain manner and what motivates them helps to create a  self-awareness within themselves and provides you with the tools you need to create a more cohesive remote working experience for everyone! You can pair any of these courses with a complete core value & needs assessment for each of your employees to discover what makes your employees tick so you can set them up for success in the remote workplace.


✔️ Gain insight into your employee’s ideal work environment

✔️ Gain an understanding of what an individual brings to the job

✔️ Identify an individual natural and adapted style of dealing with problems, people, paces and procedures

✔️ Discover your employees preferred method of communication

✔️ Reveal the specific talents and behaviors an individual brings to the job

✔️ Help employees communicate clearly with other employees or with clients

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