Influence and Persuasion

$7,900.00 | Includes assessments & 2-day training for up to 25 people

Influence & Persuasion

Everyone needs to be a better influencer. Whether it is getting a colleague to help with a project or motivating an entire team, hardly a day passes we don’t try to influence ourselves or others to do something different.  Some people seem to be able to do it effortlessly, and almost without anyone noticing, where others fall back on the power of their position to enforce what they want. Persuasion skills can be learned just like any others, and they are a key part of being able to influence others to achieve your goals and objectives. In Elevate BDG’s Influence & Persuasion workshop, you will learn how to diagnose the causes behind any team or organization problem; identify high-leverage behaviors if changed will lead to desired results; rely less on formal authority to effectively motivate and enable others; and use six sources of influence to make organizational change inevitable. Each participant will take a Behaviors & Motivators assessment prior to the training so we can incorporate the results and understand your ideal method of communication and help each member of your team communicate better with their peers. With use of real-life application, video, group discussions and skill practice this seminar will show you how to achieve effective dialogue at all levels in your organization and reduce deference and defiance.

Influence & Persuasion is paired with a complete core value & needs assessment for each of your employees to discover what makes your employees tick so you can set them up for success.

TWO powerful assessments, ONE dynamic result.

Using a multi-science approach we will reveal the specific talents and behaviors your current and/or prospective leaders bring to the job and develop personalized plans to help them be more effective leaders- personally and professionally.  A thorough look into why an individual behaves in a certain manner and what motivates them helps to create a  self-awareness within themselves and provides you with the tools you need to create a more cohesive working experience for everyone! 


Course Outline

Module 1:

Four Power Types

  • Positional: Theory X and Theory Y
  • Coercive
  • Expert
  • Personal: Eye of the beholder

Know Your Purpose

  • Goal setting: SMART Goals
  • Manage your goals
  • Breakthrough and reach your goals

Your Personal Power

  • How to use it
  • How to be persuasive
  • Effective decision making
  • Living up to your potential as a person
  • Improve personal efficiency


  • Skills we need to improve: for ourselves and for others
  • How to bring about genuine, effective progress

Lateral Leadership

  • How to influence our peers
  • Training for when you become a positional leader
  • Influence people through involvement

Module 2:


  • Find better solutions
  • Help those you work with make successful collaborations: Many vs. the few
  • Always provide a solution


  • Best ways to give advice
  • Constructive criticism: 5 step program

Stress Control

  • Reduce stress
  • Manage conflict: 5 levels of conflict


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