Implicit Bias


Implicit Bias
Wednesday, February 26 at 11 AM EST

In this dynamic program, your employees will develop their own awareness of and sensitivity to the wide variety of people that surround them every day. A crucial aspect of the success of this program will be the understanding that diversity goes beyond the superficial and biases can be both explicit and implicit. Your staff will uncover unconscious bias and become aware of their own personal barriers to communicate and interact effectively with co-workers whose background, culture or personality may be different than their own. The result is a more harmonious and enjoyable work environment for all.

In this FREE 60-minute virtual training seminar, you will:

  • Learn why traditional definitions of diversity may not prepare us for today’s workplace
  • Understand the importance of an inclusive workforce
  • Develop listening skills  by understanding the message in a diverse environment
  • Learn to acknowledge the value of perspective in the decision-making process.
  • Maintain a safe workplace by appropriately responding to bias.