Mental Health First Aid at Work


Most companies have someone on staff to turn to perform CPR or the Heimlich maneuver. They may not be an EMT or a doctor, but they know the steps to take before appropriate treatment and support arrives. But what would you do if this person's condition was not so simple and obvious? Do you have someone trained to recognize the difference between an employee who is battling a bout of depression and one that is simply slacking off? Or how about someone who knows how to talk a co-worker through a situation of high-stress and anxiety? 


Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a live training program-like regular First Aid or CPR- that teaches you how to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. This 8-hour certificate training course will teach participants how to recognize the symptoms of mental health problems, how to offer and provide initial help, and how to guide the individual to professional help, if appropriate. This course is designed to demystify the whole topic of mental illness by increasing mental health literacy and to decrease the stigma that is attached to it. By detecting the problems early, you can ensure that the person is properly treated and supported.


The truth is that one in five Americans suffer from a mental illness, making it the #1 cause of disability worldwide, yet ONLY 15% of HR/managers are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of an individual facing a mental crisis and a whopping 35% of managers feel they have received little to NO formal training to help an employee in need.

While EVERYONE within your company or organization can benefit from MHFA training, this course is designed for:

Human Resources


Employees & Staff


Bring this training to your organization.