Maximize Productivity for Peak Performance

Success in almost everything involves time management. There are only so many hours in the day, so making the most of your time is critical. The key to reaching high levels of time management, performance, and productivity is to develop habits that improve how you manage time. Our course Achieving Maximum Productivity will walk you through simple but effective strategies for increasing your productivity at work. We will examine attitudes toward time, analyze time-wasting behaviors, help you develop better time management and communication skills, delegation, goal setting, and stress management techniques.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand personal work style preferences
  • Identify the biggest time wasters
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Learn how to prioritize wisely
  • Goal Setting
  • Strategies and tools of time management
  • Using peak times for more productivity
  • Delegate and let it go
  • Deal with Difficult People in any Situation
  • Learn how to decompress and manage stress levels


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Course Agenda

Module 1— Personal Priorities

  • Understanding your Personal Work Style
  • Enhance Your Professional Image
  • Managing Yourself: Replacing Unhealthy Habits with Success  Habits
  • Set Your Goals
  • Put Your BEST Goals Forward

Module 2— How to Stop Procrastinating and Get the Job Done!

  • What is Time Management?
  • The 10 Golden Rules of Time Management
  • Identify Your Biggest Time Wasters
  • Eliminate Procrastination
  • Establishing Priorities to Get the Most Out of Your Time • Essentials of Planning
  • Organization Musts

Module 3— Work Smarter

  • What are your big rocks?
  • The Pareto Principle--80/20 Rule
  • Tips for Working Smarter
  • Correspondence shortcuts
  • Do Not File
  • Use the Parts of Your Day That Are Normally Unproductive • Handling Interruptions by Co-workers and Supervisors

Module 4— Time Management Hacks

  • Time Management Tools and Strategies
  • The Secret to Getting the Job Done
  • Delegate Whenever Possible and Delegate Wisely
  • Discover Your Peak Productivity Time

Module 5— Get Rid of Distractions

  • Get Control of E-mail, Voice Mail, and Telephone Calls
  • How to Handle Interruptions
  • How to Say “No”
  • Get Rid of Perfectionism and Be More Productive
  • Stress Management Strategies
  • Avoiding the Last Minute Crisis
  • Delegation Techniques

Module 6— Personal Priorities

  • Your Personal Power
  • Be Assertive
  • Dealing with Difficult People in any Situation
  • Five-Step Strategy for Managing Demands When “NO” is Not an Option • Negotiation Strategies


  • Participant workbook 
  • Presenter slides and outlines 
  • Case Studies and Media as appropriate 
  • Role-play scenarios 
  • Post-training assessment 

Room Requirements 

  • Internet access for the presenter 
  • Screen 
  • Projector (if not ceiling mounted then a table or cart will need to be provided) • Training room must be able to comfortably accommodate the number of participants plus room to move around for various activities) 
  • Rounds or pods, a small table for presenter’s materials, chairs for all participants • One Flip chart and easel for each round table (for small group work) and markers

Additional Requirements 

  • Elevate will choose training facilitators whose background and expertise will support the subject matter and goals of the client 
  • Instructors will use a variety of instructional methods including lecture, group projects, discussion, and role play 
  • Participants are expected to be actively engaged in the learning process 


To schedule one-day or to customize your seminar please call 646-416-6441 or email