Leveraging Diversity

The purpose of this block of instruction is to help participants understand the supervisor’s role in the hiring process, the essence and importance of having diversity on a team, and the many factors that motivate different employees. This course includes hiring options available to supervisors when filling positions, strategies for developing effective behavioral-based interview questions and recognizing inappropriate ones, and the various forms of recognition, rewards, and quality of work-life (QWL) initiatives that are available to employees.
Learning Objectives
  • Review EEO, affirmative employment, diversity, and other common terms
  • Define diversity and identify strategies to optimize a diverse workforce
  • Consider the ramifications involved in supervising a multi-generational workforce
  • Describe the benefits of optimizing diversity in the workplace
  • Identify the three categories of QWL initiatives
  • Explore strategic considerations, and benefits and concerns for implementing QWL.
  • Maintain a safe workplace by appropriately responding to bias

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Course Agenda

Module 1: Managing a Diverse Workplace

  • Defining Diversity
    • Related Terms
    • Skills Practice: Advantages and Disadvantages to a Diverse Workplace
  • Four Types of Diversity
    • Demographic
    • Cognitive
    • Structural
    • Global

Module 2: Review of Overarching Principles

  • A Legal Overview
    • The Civil Rights Acts of 1964
    • Title VII of 1964
    • Equal Pay Act of 1963
    • Age Discrimination in Employment of 1967
    • Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972
    • Sections 501 and 505 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
    • Civil Service Reform Act of 1978
    • Title I and Title V of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
    • Civile Rights Act of 1991
    • Family Leave and Medical Act of 1993
  • Establishing a Coordinated Government-Wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Module 3: Diversity in the 21st Century

  • 21st Century Thinking
    • Transformational Mindset
      • Betari Box
      • Self-Awareness Inventory
    • About Stereotypes
      • Identifying Stereotypes
    • Stereotypes vs. Biases
      • How to Deal with Biases on Your Team
    • How Interviewing Barriers Can Affect the Diversity of Your Team
      • Behavioral Based Interviews
      • The STAR Method
        • Case Study: A Botched Interview
      • How to Manage Generational Diversity in the Workplace
        • The Generational Comfort Zone
          • The Traditionalist
          • Baby Boomers
          • Generation X
          • Millennials
          • Generation Z

Module 4: Optimizing Diversity

  • Recognition
  • How Can Recognition Build an Inclusive Workplace?
  • Encouraging Diversity in the Workplace
  • Four Pillars of Diversity
    • Commitment
    • Hiring Practices
    • Employees
    • Partnerships and Supports
  • Quality of Work Life Initiatives
    • Quality in Practice
    • Implementing QWL
      • Skills Practice


  • Participant workbook 
  • Presenter slides and outlines 
  • Case Studies and Media as appropriate 
  • Role-play scenarios 
  • Post-training assessment 

Room Requirements 

  • Internet access for the presenter 
  • Screen 
  • Projector (if not ceiling mounted then a table or cart will need to be provided) • Training room must be able to comfortably accommodate the number of participants plus room to move around for various activities) 
  • Rounds or pods, a small table for presenter’s materials, chairs for all participants • One Flip chart and easel for each round table (for small group work) and markers

Additional Requirements 

  • Elevate will choose training facilitators whose background and expertise will support the subject matter and goals of the client 
  • Instructors will use a variety of instructional methods including lecture, group projects, discussion, and role play 
  • Participants are expected to be actively engaged in the learning process 

To schedule one-day or to customize your seminar please call 646-416-6441 or email  julie@elevate4success.com