Leadership Bootcamp

Elevate BDG’s Leadership Bootcamp is a 5-day multi-level leadership symposium that will help you master your communication and leadership skills, both in the workplace & the world at large. This bootcamp is paired with two powerful assessments that will be used throughout the training to help the leaders of your organization develop a 3D view of themselves and reveal their true leadership potential! With the use of advanced assessment technology, we will effectively “map” the participants based on their behavioral profile so you can understand HOW your employees communicate, WHY they make the decisions they make, and WHAT they are capable of doing. Identify communication styles in your employees so you can mitigate conflict and deescalate emotional conversations without causing a breakdown or paralysis on either side. The end result will be creating dynamic leaders that communicate better and work more effectively as a team in a cohesive, productive, and motivating work culture for all!

Recommended Duration: 5 days
RECOMMENDED DURATION for entire Bootcamp is 5 days or take any of the classes individually - each 2 days in order to allow enough time to debrief assessments and cover course topic.

To schedule one-day or to customize your seminar please call 646-416-6441


Elevate BDG’s Leadership Series is not for everyone, but it is definitely for anyone on the track to success, including new supervisors, managers & any high potential employee.


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There is a better way to maximize talent within your business.

Elevate BDG uses advanced assessment technology to effectively “map” an individual based on their behavioral profile to give you a better understanding of employees. With the use of two powerful assessments, we will help you to understand why your employees make decisions that they make, how they communicate, how they perceive the world, and what they are capable of doing. It’s time to take a deeper look into each member of your team to create a cohesive, productive, & motivating culture for all!


Gain insight into your employee’s ideal work environment

Gain an understanding of what an individual brings to the job

Discover your employees preferred method of communication

Reveal the specific talents and behaviors an individual brings to the job

Identify an individuals natural and adapted style of dealing with problems, people, paces and procedures

Help employees communicate clearly with other employees or with clients

TWO powerful assessments, ONE dynamic result.

DISC is an extremely valuable tool, but it’s not the only tool you need to understand human dynamics. When we only use a single-dimensional assessment, we only have one perspective to understand people. By combining the DISC profile with the Motivators assessment, we can suddenly understand WHY a person moves into action and HOW they will attempt to satisfy these motivators. With this combined information, we can start to understand why two people with the same motivators will go about something in a very different manner. With a multi-science approach, we have a more complete understanding of an individual and we can develop plans to help them be more effective - personally and professionally.