Interpersonal Skills

Elevate’s Interpersonal Skills training will teach participants how to effectively communicate within a team environment. Communication skills must be learned. Most often, poor communication and behavior styles need to be corrected and replaced with approaches that are more conducive to creating harmony in the workplace. Successful navigation of every scenario within a team environment is crucial to making sure that everyone feels accounted for and that as a team the message is clear.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to understand your own communication style to develop and emotional awareness when office politics become overwhelming
  • Learn to manage situations in a way that expands people’s awareness and understanding of how to achieve their goals without undermining others
  • Help team members develop stronger mutual respect and renewed faith in their ability to work together to accomplish any task in front of them as a team
  • Help individuals examine their goals in detail so they understand the things that are most important to them and how there weakness’ could be someone else’s strengths
  • Create an environment of trust within the team that shows appreciation of accomplishments

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Course Agenda

Module 1: Assessing Your Behavior

  • Four Categories
  • Understanding Your Own Self Image
  • Assess Other’s Behavior
  • The most difficult types of co-workers. What do you do?

 Module 2: Clearing the Communication Channels

  • Receiving the message
  • Sending the message when you aren’t in a place of power
  • Constructive criticism-“How To”
  • Responding to criticism-Taking a rational approach with the team in mind
  • Diffusing defensive behavior
  • Avoid communication breakdown
  • Use specific, clear, and direct language. “Being Assertive is possible without be condescending!!”

Module 3: Managing Your Own Emotions

  • How to control your anger
  • Skillful listening
  • Understanding emotions
  • Trigger Words

Module 4: Problem Solving

  • Understanding how to build essential relationships for a stronger team
  • Empathy
  • 10 ways to problem solve
  • Teamwork-Negotiating for common resolve that benefits everyone
  • Stress management
  • Cultivate calm
  • Open lines of communication–Share best practices and praise one another when possible


  • Participant workbook 
  • Presenter slides and outlines 
  • Case Studies and Media as appropriate 
  • Role-play scenarios 
  • Post-training assessment 

Room Requirements 

  • Internet access for the presenter 
  • Screen 
  • Projector (if not ceiling mounted then a table or cart will need to be provided) • Training room must be able to comfortably accommodate the number of participants plus room to move around for various activities) 
  • Rounds or pods, a small table for presenter’s materials, chairs for all participants • One Flip chart and easel for each round table (for small group work) and markers

Additional Requirements 

  • Elevate will choose training facilitators whose background and expertise will support the subject matter and goals of the client 
  • Instructors will use a variety of instructional methods including lecture, group projects, discussion, and role play 
  • Participants are expected to be actively engaged in the learning process 

To schedule one-day or to customize your seminar please call 646-416-6441 or email