Inspire Happiness

Inspire happiness at work within your organization...

If your company or organization agrees that happiness at work is essential, we are asking you to commit to creating change in the workplace and making this week "Happiness at Work" week within your organization. Make a difference in someones day.
Commit to the happiness of others and discover how happy it will make you.

Please share your activity for free on this site, you let the world know what companies in the USA are is doing to commit to caring about the happiness of their employees. It's good for your brand and it is good for your employees. Let's make happiness a movement!


Partake in one (or all) of these challenges the week of September 21-27, 2020.

Being happier at work is about doing things that make you happy. But changing your behavior is quite difficult. These challenges help you take the first step. So join in and start doing something every day to increase your happiness at work. You can participate in as many challenges as you want. Challenge yourself ...

The THANK YOU Challenge

Let your co-workers know how much you appreacite them. They say it is not what you say, rather how you say it...So, the THANK YOU Challenge is not just about saying the words "Thank You" to your co-workers throughout the day, rather returning the expression of gratitude with those words. We challenge you to go beyond just saying the words and really showing your thanks to your co-workers throughout the day by offerin some sort of gratitude gesture back instead of just saying the words "thank you". Giving back not only helps others, but helps build happiness within yourself. It is a win-win! 


Have each member of your team collect feedback about their peak performance moments from others around you and share.

The 3 GOOD THINGS Challenge

Being grateful for the good things at work: it changes your perspective and contributes to job happiness. Note three things everyday throughout the week of Sepetember 23-27 that you are grateful for at work and keep a log of gratitude. Observe how your ability to notice them increases and challenge yourself to perform them more often.

The ACT HAPPY Challenge

Acting happy can make you happy so smile and adopt an open or relaxed body language position. Move happily too, with a spring in your step and with relaxed swinging of your arms. Speak like you are happy, using more positive words like ‘love’ and ‘great’. Refer to yourself less and others more.  Speak clearly and nod in agreement. 



First of all: do it together!

  • Find ambassadors to get started together

  • Decide why you are going to do this, what do you want to solve or what do you want to contribute to.

  • Why do you think work happiness is important? What goals do you want to achieve? Is work happiness a goal or a means? Write, draw or sing it .. That helps you to check whether you are doing well.

Make sure you have the right knowledge

  • Make sure you know what you are talking about, a lot of scientific research has been done and a lot of practical experience with what works and what doesn't work. If you pick up the wrong things, that will not lead to the desired result. And it is a lot harder to get disappointed people back on board. What you need is knowledge, tools and energy!

  • Start by measuring in your organization how happy employees feel from day to day. This is therefore not the same as the annual MTO (job happiness and job satisfaction are two different concepts, with different inputs and outputs).

How are you going to manage and maintain the happiness at your work? 

Are you going to do something (small) regularly so that there is a focus on work happiness over a longer period of time? Be careful not to get stuck in superficialities and focus small fun things. 

Or are you starting to implement work happiness as a business model? Then you work in a structured way on the one hand to help people become happier themselves, to develop personal leadership. And you work on culture and structure in which work happiness belongs. Would you like to know more about how to do that? Follow a training for work happiness expert (eg at Happy Office or Onno Hamburger ). 

Here are some ideas to start creating happy employees!

Start Meetings with recognitions
Organize an inspirational session on happiness at work
Go on a walk instead of sitting down for one-on-ones
Organize a happiness (or some other form) challenge
Offer chair massages to overworked employees
Offer yoga and/or mediatation breaks everyday for those interested in particiapting
Create feelings of "belonging" amongst team with personal slideshows of your employees lives outside of the workplace at meeting opener

Start measuring happiness at work in a tangible manner
Launch a "Wall of Happiness" moments at work
Create vision boards of what you want to accomphish at work in the next 3 years. 

Organize a workshop or training on the prevention of burnout and stress management
Organize a lunchtime roundtable on happiness at work
Talk to management about what they can do to make this a happier workplace
Start and initiative to give more positive feedback

Play a game to get to know each other better, like Personality Poker or the Choose Happiness at Work game
Organize drinks with your colleagues
Have lunch together and not at your desk
Talk about your organizational culture and how you can make changes
Write your team manifesto
Take up a Happiness at Work challenge during this week!


Click HERE to discover ideas on training and team building.