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Activating the Potential

Welcome to the Business Development & Training Portal for Fairfax County, Virginia in partnership with Elevate.

Activate Your Potential with Elevate!

At Elevate, we stray away from a one-size-fits-all training process and develop a customized strategy that aligns with the vision + mission of Fairfax County - to increase workplace effectiveness and develop personally & professionally capable employees, managers, and supervisors! We have developed an exclusive professional development training program for the agencies within Fairfax County, VA, which includes both live remote and live instructor-led training on any of our 200+ topics.

Save a Dime & Train on Your Time with Virtual Stand-Alone Courses

Customized courses designed with your budget & time in mind! 

Choose from any of our 200+ learning topics! 

1 Hour Virtual Course = $1000
2 Hour Virtual Course = $1400
3 Hour Virtual Course = $1950
4+ Hour Virtual Course= $2550*

* Can be split into multiple sessions in one day. So you can reserve three 2-hour virtual courses in one day at the 4+ hour rate instead of three 2-hour rates.

Training programs designed to develop your personal & professional capabilities!

Elevate is committed to providing every level of Fairfax County employees the skills and abilities need to interact well with others, build positive relationships, and position themselves for success in their roles with the use of advanced assessment technology that will give you a thorough look into why people behave the way they do and what motivates them to behave that way! Build the personal capabilities of your employees by giving them a deeper understanding of themselves so you can understand why they communicate the way they do, how they behave in interpersonal relationships, create self-awareness. With the use of advanced assessment technology, we are able to decode the behaviors of yourself and those that you work with so the impact of your interactions are exponentially greater! Assessments help you gain a better understanding of the different behavioral styles you encounter. The true value in our assessments is being able to develop a system to capitalize on your value.

Behaviors & Motivators

Once your employees understand their personal capabilities, it is time to incorporate this self-awareness into the workplace and develop professionally capable employees and a dynamic workplace. Elevate is committed to providing every level of Fairfax County employee the skills and abilities needed to interact well with customers, collaborate with co-workers to get the job done, present information clearly, and use time and technology effectively. 

Build professional capabilities in your employees!


Workforce Development Capabilities to Activate the Potential of your Employees!

Under Elevate’s approach to workforce development, what you accomplish (your Job Goals/Functions)
and how you achieve it (the Values/Behaviors) are equally important.

These six values/behaviors are at the core of all Elevate training courses.


✓ Thinks Strategically
✓ Knows the Business
✓ Innovative Thinker
✓ Adapts & Learns
✓ Solves Problems

✓ Willing to Confront Tough Issues
✓ Motivates and Inspires
✓ Coaches & Develops
✓ Strives to Improve the Organization
✓ Makes Career Discussions a Priority
✓ Recognizes Contributions

✓ Treats others Fairly
✓ Makes Impartial Decisions

✓ Keeps an open mind
✓ Builds Inclusive Working Relationships

✓ Openly Communicates
✓ Listens Effectively
✓ Encourages Honest Communication
✓ Consider All Points of View
✓ Values Diversity and Appreciates Differences

✓ Evokes Trust
✓ Delivers on Promises
✓ Acts in the Organizations Best Interests
✓ Exhibits Intellectual Honesty
✓ Models Ethical Behavior
✓ Uses Sound Judgement

✓ Takes Initiative When Appropriate
✓ Shares Responsibilities
✓ Accountable for Own Actions
✓ Shares Information Readily
✓ Collaborates with Colleagues



Elevate Business Development Group Inc. was incorporated in 2018.

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Bring Elevate BDG to your organization.

Try private, onsite team training. Bring this topic, or any of our 200+ topics, to your location with customized training. Our programs are tailored to your organization’s specifications and needs. Let us determine the best course of action to enhance your workforce at all levels. Elevate BDG also provides a host of coaching, mentoring, data analysis, and consulting options.