Effective Teams

Using assessment results Elevate BDG’s Leading Effective Teams training will teach participants how to grow employees into highly driven individuals dedicated to getting results. Participants will learn how to foster cooperation within their teams with effective decision-making tools that will inspire and motivate your team for success. Woven throughout the program are essential presentation and public speaking skills for effective leadership.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn decision-making tools for their teams
  • Learn how to inspire and motivate their teams
  • Go from conflict to resolution
  • Learn how to spot potential conflict and put out fires
  • Learn how to do collaborative problem solving

To schedule one-day or to customize your seminar please call 646-416-6441 or email  julie@elevate4success.com

Course Agenda

Module 1- Leading Your Team

  • 10 Skills All Team Leaders Must Master
  • Transitioning to a Team Environment
  • Gain the Trust and Acceptance of Team Members
  • Promote Your Team to The Ones In Charge
  • Understand Your Team’s Purpose
  • Be a Group Member of Your Team
  • Keep Yourself Motivated and Energized

Module 2- Facilitating A Team That Gets Results

  • Description of Top-performing Team
  • 10 Major Obstacles That Hold Teams Back
  • 13 Characteristics That Make a Successful Team
  • Behavior Styles of a Team
    • Team chemistry
    • Team personality styles
  • Why Do Teams Fail?
  • Delegation
    • Pros
    • Cons
    • End reverse delegation
  • Evaluate Your Team’s Progress
    • Set benchmarks

Module 3 - Create a Motivating Team Climate

  • Mistakes team leaders make
  • Build trust between team members & team leaders
  • How to rebuild the discouraged team
  • Ensure team recognition
  • Incentives and rewards
  • Motivation techniques

Module 4-Tune in to Your Team

  • What is effective communication
  • Getting team members to listen
    • Barriers to listening
  • Unconditional criticism
  • Train team members on how to give and get feedback
    • From customers
    • From vendors
    • From upper management
    • From other team members

Module 5- Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • Three problem-solving and decision making styles
    • Unilateral
    • Total team
    • Interface
  • Barriers that keep teams from solving problems
  • Team leaders role in the problem-solving process
  • Brainstorming techniques
  • What is your problem-solving style?
  • Establish a creative decision-making climate
  • Do not compromise/work through problems
  • Gaining cooperation among team members
  • Agree to disagree
  • Create a take control team
    • 10 factors that influence a team


  • Participant workbook 
  • Presenter slides and outlines 
  • Case Studies and Media as appropriate 
  • Role-play scenarios 
  • Post-training assessment 

Room Requirements 

  • Internet access for the presenter 
  • Screen 
  • Projector (if not ceiling mounted then a table or cart will need to be provided) • Training room must be able to comfortably accommodate the number of participants plus room to move around for various activities) 
  • Rounds or pods, a small table for presenter’s materials, chairs for all participants • One Flip chart and easel for each round table (for small group work) and markers

Additional Requirements 

  • Elevate will choose training facilitators whose background and expertise will support the subject matter and goals of the client 
  • Instructors will use a variety of instructional methods including lecture, group projects, discussion, and role play 
  • Participants are expected to be actively engaged in the learning process 

To schedule one-day or to customize your seminar please call 646-416-6441 or email  julie@elevate4success.com