Creativity & Innovation

Learn how to use creativity to move forward. Stop talking about innovation and start adding value today—in your job and agency. You will learn to look at things through the eyes of an innovator! Elevate’s Creativity & Innovation seminar, teaches you how to discover and create something new and different to tackle the challenges coming your way.

Module 1: Innovation and Why It’s Needed

    • Are you an Innovator?
    • Why Develop Innovation

Module 2: Barriers to Innovative Thinking

    • The Pareto Principle
    • 4 Enemies of Innovative Thinking
    • Covey’s 4 Quadrants

Module 3: Recognize Your Approach to Thinking

    • 7 powerful thinking styles
    • Left and Right Brain Thinking
    • Whole-brain thinking

Module 4: The Seven Fundamental I-Skills

  1. Add Value to Every Task and Project
        • 4 steps to shift your perspective
        • Common Cognitive biases & how to overcome them
  1. Become an Assumption Assaulter
  2. Cultivate a Passion & Develop Empathy for the End Customer
  3. Thinking Ahead of the Curve
  4. Become an Idea Factory
  5. Be a Standout Collaborator
  6. Build the buy-in for New Ideas
  • Understand innovation and why it’s needed
  • Determine your thinking style
  • Analyze the barriers to innovative thinking and learn techniques to overcome them
  • Understand how your approach to thinking can influence your ability to generate innovative ideas
  • Master the seven essential I-Skills
  • Unleash the “mindset, skill-set, and tool-set” of the innovator
  • Develop your own personal innovation strategy


  • Participant workbook 
  • Presenter slides and outlines 
  • Case Studies and Media as appropriate 
  • Role-play scenarios 
  • Post-training assessment 

Room Requirements 

  • Internet access for the presenter 
  • Screen 
  • Projector (if not ceiling mounted then a table or cart will need to be provided)
  • Training room must be able to comfortably accommodate the number of participants plus room to move around for various activities) 
  • Rounds or pods, a small table for presenter’s materials, chairs for all participants
  • One Flip chart and easel for each round table (for small group work) and markers

Additional Requirements 

  • Elevate will choose training facilitators whose background and expertise will support the subject matter and goals of the client 
  • Instructors will use a variety of instructional methods including lecture, group projects, discussion, and role play 
  • Participants are expected to be actively engaged in the learning process 

To customize your seminar please call 646-416-6441 or email