Communication Skills

Customized Communication Skills Solutions

Handling Difficult Conversations

This two-day program will show you how to engage in a difficult conversation. Learn to balance tact and assertiveness, encourage others to speak up and not shut down, and de-escalate emotional conversations to avoid conflict and resentment.

Influence and Persuasion

Whether you are a seasoned leader or have been promoted into a position of leadership you have to juggle being the boss and maintain a positive relationship with your employees. By drawing from the skills of many of the world’s best change agents and combining them with five decades of social-science research, Influence and Persuasion training creates a powerful and portable model for behavior change. This program will help participants to become confident leaders and manage their teams to get desired results, ease conflict, delegate, problem solve, and communicate in a way that keeps everyone accountable. Having the skill to influence and persuade people to your way of thinking for some is a gift, for others it is a learned behavior. Either way this two-day program will teach you powerful strategies to effectively influence, persuade, and motivate others to change behaviors.

Interpersonal Skills

Elevate’s Interpersonal Skills training will teach participants how to effectively communicate within a team environment. Communication skills must be learned. Most often, poor communication and behavior styles need to be corrected and replaced with approaches that are more conducive to creating harmony in the workplace. Successful navigation of every scenario within a team environment is crucial to making sure that everyone feels accounted for and that as a team the message is clear.

Emotional Intelligence

Elevate’s Emotional Intelligence training will teach you how to grow your personal emotional intelligence and change your behavior towards others in a way that helps you understand others and improve your communication channels.

Active Listening

Communication skills are at the heart of everything we do each day, whether at home, at work, or at play. Active listening encompasses the best of communication, including listening to what others are saying, processing the information, and responding to it in order to clarify and elicit more information. This one-day workshop will help participants develop and practice their active listening skills.

Applied Communication Skills

This course provides participants with a variety of communication skills needed to be successful in a work setting. At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Learn how to do oral presentations, improvise and think quickly when you are in a meeting, interviews, or doing an impromptu presentation
  • Learn how to think and organize your thoughts
  • Learn how to be diplomatic in giving negative feedback without hurting someone’s feelings
  • Learn the techniques for managing your emotions without blowing your top
  • Learn how to handle the most difficult questions with a calm attitude

Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce

It doesn’t matter if you are a Baby Boomer nearing retirement or a Gen Z making your workforce debut, in today’s workforce you need to interact across generational lines. Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce will help you bridge generational gaps at your company by recognizing the unique strengths of a diverse workforce. In a complex and ever-changing work environment, effective leaders need to fulfill their roles in ways that provide the right guidance to those they lead. The key to effective leadership is finding the right balance, which requires individual leaders and teams to step out of their comfort zones and adapt to what the organization needs to accomplish its goals. This training program will give leaders and understanding of their leadership styles, the five roles they play, and their application within their team and organizational goals.

Additional Communication Skills Courses:
This program will help participants deal with difficult people, identify the root of customer requests or problems, and develop a smooth process for resolving customer issues. Key modules include communication, creative problem solving and critical thinking skills, and conflict resolution to ensure satisfying customer service remedies.

Interviewing is an art. Participants will learn about facilitating open communication, understanding people and how we communicate, communicating with emotional intelligence, and effective listening skills. This course will then teach how to prepare for an interview, do’s and don’ts of questioning, and how to handle interviews in tense or conflict situations.

The Six Secrets to Thinking on Your Feet: Have you ever hung up the telephone or walked away from a conversation thinking—I wish I said…instead? This seminar teaches your workforce how to think effectively on their feet. By the end of this workshop, your employees will have the tools and techniques to think and speak in a short amount of time without getting flustered and adapt strategies on the go. Your employees will be calm and effective. They will learn the secrets of how to manage on-the-spot conflict confidently, prevent communication problems, and become better communicators.

We’ve all been there, having to deal with that insufferable co-worker in the next cubicle. Some people just have a talent for getting under your skin. But in a place of business, the worst thing you could do is lose your cool with that person. We’ve compiled a list of techniques guaranteed to help you deal with different and difficult personalities and diffuse potentially explosive situations.

Most experts agree, to get ahead in life you need that certain something. Call it what you will, charisma, confidence, a combination of both. Every top operator, from CEOs to presidential candidates, has one thing in common – the ability to relate easily to everyone. Communicating well is a skill that will take you far, perhaps even farther than you imagined. Our instructors will arm you with every tool in their arsenal, so you too can go out there and communicate effectively.

Sometimes an entire division or pocket of the workforce can prove difficult for managers and supervisors. What do you do when the problem extends beyond a single individual? Elevates trainers and coaches will help managers identify the root of the problem and the best ways to address it without inflaming tensions. This can lie in behavior clashes, unfair workload, communication problems, or other underlying issues. By taking a comprehensive approach, participants will learn how to uncover and meet the problem head-on in a way that satisfies all parties.

No matter who you are, no matter how powerful or productive you might be, you’re nothing without a team behind you. An effective team will not only empower you and your project, but it will increase your abilities many times over. Teams have to work like a well-oiled machine if they are going to be productive. This training will help you communicate and collaborate with team members to get the results you need. This training is totally interactive. Participants will work in teams competing against each other using the dynamics of leadership, teamwork, communication, and collaboration. Through planned exercises and challenges, each team will compete against the other to complete the challenges.

In today’s workplace, you need to collaborate with a multi-generational staff. People younger than you may hold positions of power or compete for the same promotion. There are now five generations working together, each with a radically different way of communicating and completing tasks. This training shows you how to collaborate with and amongst coworkers in different age groups.

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“Great leaders communicate and great communicators lead.”

— Simon Sinek