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The Art of Procrastination

Invest in the professional development of your team

By Tara Scheing | Elevate BDG, Inc.


Every time I go on vacation, I procrastinate until the last minute to get myself prepared. With 2 young kids and a husband who wouldn't know his underwear drawer if it slapped him in the face, my procrastination has been getting to the best of me this time around. And to top it off, here I am writing an article on procrastination instead of packing, all because I also procrastinated on this work project.

It seems to be a cycle with me, I guess...In fact, I decided to further prolong my procrastination by doing a little research on the subject in hopes that it may ignite my spark for this work project that I am "oh so stumped on."  I listened to THIS TED TALK  on the "Mind of a Master Procrastinator" and read THIS ARTICLE on "5 Tips to Get the Job Started"... all a good waste of my time, I must say. If you are as good of a procrastinator as I am, you will enjoy these just as much as I did, but for those that tend to manage their time a little more effectively than I do, I am just going to cut to the chase...

At the end of the day, we all just really want to get the job done; it is the path we take that determines how difficult it will be to get there. For me, I guess it works out because, apparently, I am in the business of writing articles about procrastination. But for those of you reading this, things are a little different. In your case, procrastination is not an option when it comes to using the remainder of your 2019 training budget before the year-end training deadline.

The fact is, you have a training budget that you need to spend. At the end of the day, if you do not use it before the July 30th deadline, you risk the chance of your training budget being reallocated next year. There are thousands of options out there when it comes to training and (I am sure) you are hoping to find the time in your (already busy) schedule to do your due diligence of researching the pros and cons of every company out there to ensure you are not just blowing your year-end budget on training that will not have a measurable impact on your team.

Little did you know...the solution has come to you, right here...right now! 

Believe it or not...YOUR EMPLOYEES ACTUALLY WANT MORE TRAINING!  So, if you have funds remaining to allocate to training and you don't want to lose them next year, why not invest in your employee's professional development and help your team to reach their full potential? Leadership, Communication, Time Management, Computers - you name it, these skills are all vital to achieving results within your team and EVERY MEMBER of EVERY TEAM can benefit from this investment. So, long story short...USE IT before you LOSE IT!

Now that you have wasted your precious time reading my gibberish about procrastination, hopefully, it will lead to you doing just the opposite...You have two options...You can either spend your time plowing through the thousands of options on the market only to find yourself right back where you started, or you can stick with a name you know & trust to deliver the learning and management solutions to government employees and managers for the past 10 years - Elevate BDG.

This article was written by Tara Scheing of Elevate Business Development Group. Tara has been managing the digital marketing and writing articles on professional development & business training with Elevate BDG since it’s inception and lives in Southern Oregon with her husband and two young sons. You can connect with her on LinkedIn at or contact her directly at 

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