Promises to take you places.

In today’s globalized world, it takes more than simply attending a good college to get a good job in your chosen field of study. There is no doubt that interning in a foreign country will make you stand out in the job market when it is time to start your career. Career Advancement & Placement (CAP) USA is an internship placement and training program that offers international university students and professionals the opportunity to experience the power of cultural exchange while gaining work and professional experience in the United States.

CAP USA takes the complexity out of traveling abroad, finding a job, housing & transportation so you can focus on immersing yourself in this unique professional experience. The journey starts with a two-week training program, which includes an in-depth Behavioral Profile Assessment of each intern so we can match you with the best position & company for each individual and provide you with the tools you need to be successful in the workplace.

Interns will work a one-month internship in or near a major American city. Internship work is an introduction to the company/agency and career path. Internships in the United States will provide you with improved English skills, stronger university applications and valuable work skills for the international job market. Students will learn about the culture of the workplace and how business is conducted. Most importantly, they will make valuable connections with figures that could place them in U.S. jobs that may lead to long-term careers. CAP USA provides you with the professional skills & work experience to take the next steps in your career with confidence.



Prior to attending the two-week training program, CAP USA will do an in-depth Behavioral Profile Assessment of each intern to determine what motivates them in the workplace. This state-of-the-art technology gives us the ability to effectively “map” individuals and will ensure that each intern is matched with best company & position for them. CAP USA interns will receive a customized career path plan that provides insight on the tools they need to be successful. Interns will partake in micro-learning lessons based on their behavioral profile each week leading up to your internship.


After registration students will attend an eight-day training and evaluation program in their home country. This program will teach students the skills they need to excel in a U.S. work environment. During the program, American instructors will screen each student’s work skills, English proficiency, and develop a profile used to match them with an appropriate internship in their career track. Students who need extra help will be referred to additional training classes or an intensive English class. They will go through the evaluation program during the next internship round at no additional cost.


CAP USA offers optional supplemental programs. We encourage students who  need extra attention or who want to progress their skills further to select one of the following options during the six month wait period or after their internship has been completed. Online courses help students sharpen their skills. Coaches keep students accountable. Mentors act as a personal advocate for students in the U.S. jobs market.


CAP USA will sponsor all students and provide application assistance for J-1 visas that are valid through the internship period and for an additional 30 days of independent travel within the U.S.


Unlike other countries, certain locations in the U.S. are difficult to access without a personal car. CAP USA will see that all students will have transportation (public or carpool) to and from their internships. Students will be housed in a dormitory setting or as part of a home-stay program. It is our preference to house students with home-stay participants who work at the same company the student interns with.


Once passing the training and evaluation program, CAP USA will place students for a one-month unpaid internship in the U.S. that matches their chosen career track. Students will be placed in a major U.S. company, government agency, non-profit organization or professional association. Students will be placed in internships with major American companies, non-profit organizations, U.S. government agencies, and professional associations across the United States. Here are some suggested companies in which interns can be placed.


MasterCard – A leading global payments & technology company
Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc. – Leading juice and fruit snack producer
Hilton Hotels and Resorts –  
Global Brand of full-service Hotel and Resort
Comcast  –
America’s largest cable and internet service provider
Barfield/ Air France Group –  Aerospace Maintenance Company
Bacardi USA – the largest privately held, family-owned spirits company
Modani Furniture –Retail Modern Furniture Company
Adrienne Arsht Center – Florida’s largest performing arts center
Taj By Sabrina – Luxury and Fashion Company
Sisley Cosmetics USA – Fragrance & Cosmetics Company
D.C. Taxicab Commission – Agency responsible for monitoring taxi’s in US capital
National Oil Varco  & Exterran – Two of America’s leading oil and gas companies
Philadelphia Business Journal – The leading business journal in Philadelphia



American College of Physicians– A diverse community of medical specialists
Association of American Medical Colleges – America’s academic medical community
East Ramapo School District – School district of Rockland County, NY
National Association of Regulatory Commissions – Association of regulatory commissioners
Nat’l Telecommunications & Information Administration – Telecom & commerce agency
NYPD – The police department of New York City
New York Department of Design and Construction – Civic construction department
Pennsylvania Office of the Auditor General – Fiscal watchdog for Commonwealth of Pa
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation – Oversees transportation in Pa
Pennsylvania Governor’s Innovation Office – PA gov agency that manages change & ideas
Philadelphia Mural Arts – Philadelphia anti-graffiti & artist residency program
U.S. Department of Commerce – Federal agency dedicated to economic growth of the U.S.
U.S. Armed Forces – Various branches of the U.S. armed forces
U.S. Census Bureau – Federal agency that produces data about the American people
World Wildlife Fund – Wildlife conservation non-profit

CAP USA has access to many additional partnering organizations. Depending on the size of the student pool, CAP USA will contact other companies/agencies to match students with their proper careers.

CAP USA provides students with a number of opportunities and benefits that will allow them to excel in the career of their choice. Through personal and professional development gained during an internship in the United States, students will be able to outperform and surpass their peers in the competitive workplace.

An Immersive Experience

CAP USA provides interns with an unforgettable experience and growth both as a person and professionally. Working in the United States gives students an overseas work experience that immerses them into US culture & society, while gaining the knowledge of an international workplace standards & practices. Students get on-the-job training and practical career lessons that are not taught in school, give alumni an edge in the international job market.

Increased Hireability

International interns gain early career development opportunities and valuable job skills such as increased communication skills, cultural understanding, adaptability, self-awareness and confidence—that not only make them more hirable, but also launch their career. CAP USA alumni see a boost in job application success & increased acceptance into graduate school as a result of their work experience in the United States.


Opportunities for Growth

Professional experience in a global setting will put you on the inside track no matter your industry. Get plugged in to international networks and gain the confidence you need to succeed.


Strong Communication Skills

One of the most valued career benefits of international internships is that you will develop the ability to communicate across multiple language barriers.

Enhanced Professional Network

CAP USA promises to improved your professional networks in the United States and connect you with potential employers. Many CAP USA alumni go on to work with the company they interned with in the United States or abroad once they return to China.


Exceptional Customer Support

CAP USA provides interns with top of the line support and assistance by walking you through the training & visa process to take the stress of international travel off your plate so you can focus on what’s important – preparing yourself for your internship.





“CAP USA stood out on my graduate school applications and I gained so many business contacts in the United States and I plan to come back after I finish my graduate studies.”  
Li Wei Singh, CAP USA alumni

“It was such a great opportunity to work in the United States and experience a new business culture. CAP USA is a great stepping stone and helps to further every interns careers in one way or another.” 
Wang Yan Lee, CAP USA alumni

“It was so fun to be immersed in the United States culture. I have improved my English skills and now have international work experience and friendships that will last a lifetime.”
Li Min Nguyen, CAP USA alumni