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Customized Administrative Skills Solutions

Administrative Professionals Capstone Program

This 4-month Administrative Professionals Capstone Program is focused on helping organizations develop collaborative practices and transformational changes necessary to maximize employee performance and drive the organization to succeed. Participants will compose, edit, proofread, and issue written materials for review by our subject matter expert, peers, and supervisors. By the end of the program, participants will have gained effective writing techniques to write with purpose, to consider the topic and intended reaction before writing a response with clarity, correct grammar, and formatting. Participants will increase productivity and enjoy less rewriting, editing, and irritating mistakes that take up too much time.

Elevate’s Leadership Skills for Administrative Professionals will help administrative assistants in their everyday performance in an office environment. Participants will identify productivity pay-offs and priorities, and build better relationships with their peers as well as those to whom they report. Participants will develop strategies to handle any crisis, customer, or task, juggle a hectic workload, effective time management, deal with difficult people, and negotiate with vendors. Additionally, participants will learn how to identify opportunities for delegation within their scope of authority.

Coaching Skills for Non-Managerial Staff

Coach, Role Model, Counselor, Supporter, Guide... what do these words mean to you? Being a coach involves being a role model, sometimes a counselor or supporter, and always a guide. Coaching is based on a partnership that involves giving and getting, both support and challenging opportunities. Knowing how and when to coach is an essential skill that can benefit you, your team, and your organization.

Effective Meetings

Participants will explore the facets of meeting planning and facilitation. Whether you are facilitating a teleconference or an in-person meeting, this training was designed to help managers and leaders host productive meetings. The facilitator will learn the tools to get everyone engaged, build consensus, come to a group agreement, and overcome conflict and disagreement, while your employees will discover how they can get the most out of every meeting they attend. Using discussion and activities to plan appropriate facilitation sessions, participants will learn principles of effective communication, investigate group management, and meeting best practices.

This one-day course is an introduction to the federal budget process. Participants will learn what a budget is, how a budget is prepared, an understanding of the federal budget, and federal financial management. Learn how a budget is developed and executed, and how it may affect other budgets in the organization. Participants will leave with a general knowledge of the federal budgeting process and will be able to assist in constructing an operating budget for your organization. 

Additional Administrative Skills Courses:
Elevate’s Techniques of the Great Administrative Professionals will provide participants the skills to handle any crisis, customer, or task, juggle a hectic workload, make a good impression on your supervisor, those you work with, and become an invaluable part of the machinery in your workplace.

Business Planning Workshop (2-3 days)
This training includes time management, time blocking, goal setting, budget models, appointment and lead generation models, economic models, and more. This program will be tailored to your company's training needs. Examples of business planning are creating a business plan, project management plan, grant writing, and event planning.

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